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Henry Disston started manufacturing handsaws in 1840's and moved on to other advanced tools
like the crosscut saws, backsaws, coping saws, keyhole or compass saws, and hack saws.
Even today, the desire for old Disston saws and their quality continues.
So if you are looking for a good selection of quality hand saws, you have come to the right place.

Find Top Quality Vintage & Old Disston Saws

We have a fine selection of old saws available, when we can find them, at a reasonable prices.
Find our list of vintage saws, including Richardson, Atkins, Disston and Peace, here with photos.

Our Aim

We specialize in good quality saws from local collections and workshops.
We only accept them when we are sure of the quality.
We aim to help woodworkers and vintage saw collectors find the tools they want.


Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail.
If you have questions, send me an e-mail at:

If you wish to pay by check or money order, send it payable to:
Walt Lane, 3 Pewter Lane, Johnstown, NY 12095.

Please note: Prices here changed to reflect a 20% discount now offered at retail shop.


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Disston Saws


Disston Saws at shop


7W618 - Handsaw, D-23, 26", 8pt, by Disston, in Good+ condition.
Plate is straight, teeth good, good etching, lightly cleaned.
{price = $22.00 plus shipping}   lf   [no pics yet]

9W123 - Rip Saw, D-8, 26", 7pt by Disston, in Good+ condition.
The plate has a slight left curve and a small chip out of the top horn.
the teeth are all good and appear sharp. Etching is visible. Lightly cleaned.
{price = $28.00 plus shipping}   lf     [no pics yet]



Disston Saws at home

9W316 - Rip Saw No 12, 26", 6 pt by Disston.This saw was probably retoothed
at least once and has not been cleaned.  Top horn of handle has been repaired.
Handle shows a little wear. Plate has slight curve right. Teeth appear sharp.
Etching not visible.
{price = $32.00 plus shipping}   Z      Pic    Pic   Pic   Pic

9W497 - Handsaw, D-23, 26", 8pt, by Disston, in Good condition.
Noting saw was retoothed.  It has some serious pitting and stain
directly over the etching area, but not on back.(see pic).
{price = $20.00 plus shipping}   Z   Pic    Pic    Pic


If you are looking for a great place to get your saws sharpened,
check out this web site:
Ron Herman is a real master with saws.

Various Makers

Crosscuts, Rips and other types

These saws are in as found condition with no rust or pitting unless so noted in the description. 
They may need some honing to meet your needs. 

Other Saws at shop

7W1141 - Handsaw, 26", 10pt CC by Fulton Hand Saw Co.  in Good++ condition.
Handle has one tiny check.  Clear etch on saw.  It sings beautifully.
This saw was sharpened by Ron Herman in Dec. 2020.
{price = $23.00 plus shipping} lf      Pic      Pic     Pic      Pic

9W495 - Handsaw, CC, 26", 11pt, by C. E. Atkins, in Good+ condition.
Noting very small chip on handle horn.
{price = $25.00 plus shipping}    lf    Pic    Pic

9W496 - Handsaw, CC, 26", 8pt, by Jennings, in Good+ condition.
{price = $28.00 plus shipping}    lf    Pic    Pic    Pic




Other Saws at home

42A-8 - Meat Saw, No. 8 Extra, by Richardson, with split-nuts,
in uncleaned Good+ condition and no apologies.
{price = $20.00 plus shipping}   Z     Pic     Pic     Pic

7W562 - Handsaw #3, 26", 8pt  CC by Jas. J. Duncan & Co.
in Good+ condition. Noting an owner-made hang hole at the toe.
Beech handle very nice, 4 split-nuts. Nice and clean as found.
{price = $32.00 plus shipping}  z     Pic     Pic     Pic  

7W1059 - Panel Saw, 20", 8pt CC, by Harvey Peace, Brooklyn, NY.
Vulkan Saw Works. Sold in Johnstown, NY at J.G.Ferres' store.
Handle guard marked Patent July 3, 1883.  Saw faintly marked London Spring Steel. 
Missing one saw nut cap (screw present). Saw in Good+ condition.
It was sharpened by Ron Herman in Dec. 2020. Probably retoothed once.
{price = $35.00 plus shipping}  z      Pic    Pic    Pic     Pic 

7W1157 - Handsaw, 26", 11pt, unmarked by maker, but etched as follows:
                                    Made for
                       Williams and Turner Co.
                          Dealers in Hardware
                              Fort Plain, NY


Saw is fitted with a handle support simiilar to Harvey Peace saws, marked
Patent July 3, 1883.  Chip in top horn of handle.  Some minor pitting on plate.
It sings.
{price = $32.00 plus shipping} z     Pic     Pic    Pic

17GS-40 - Rip Saw, No 1 1/2, 28", 5pt, by C. E. Jennings & Co.
in Good++ condition. This saw appears to be full size,
beautiful handle with two tiny checks at bottom screw, straight
plate, and minor pitting at toe of saw on a very clean plate.
{price = $45.00 plus shipping}   Z    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic

17GS-41 - Rip Saw, 28" 6pt, unmarked (may be Richardson?)
in Good++ condition. Noting original size, no pitting, straight
beautiful handle with small chip under upper horn,,
no etching, medallion marked pat. Dec. 31, 1867 around eagle.
{price = $40.00 plus shipping}   Z    Pic   Pic   Pic   Pic


Hello Walt,
The saw arrived Friday in fine shape, due to your excellent packing. It looks great and I'm very happy with it. Thanks very much.




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