Wood Planes, Bench, Moulding and other

I list here some wooden planes I have for sale.
Whenever possible, I'll link a photo.
I can always send you a pic of one of the tools I have not posted a pic for.

These woodies are all in very nice condition. 
All are lightly cleaned and gently wiped with a light oil
to bring them back to life.

With just a little honing on the irons,
they are ready to go right to work on your bench. 
I have tried to keep the price quite low and based on what I paid for them.
Like most dealers, I am always open to serous counter-offers.

Shipping charges keep inching up,
but maybe can be split among two or more to help with that.

Some of these tools are located at my retail shop listed at the bottom of this page,
so it might take a few days before I can go get them.

"lf" after price = Little Falls shop;    "Z" after price = Home with me.

If you have questions, you can send an e-mail to me at:  toolman@gatctools.com

Note: Shipping will depend on size and weight.  USPS Flat Rate boxes work well for smaller items, especially multiple small items. 
All items will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.    I will send you an estimate of the total cost to the best of my ability.

If you wish to pay by check or money order, send it payable to:
Walt Lane, 3 Pewter Lane, Johnstown, NY 12095

Last updated:  January 5, 2023



Panel Plow Planes


44A44 - Screw-Arm Plow Plane, #96 1/2, which I believe is made by
Tuttle, Hibbard & Co.(Strike is very poor). Four irons.
There is some thread damage, but plane is useable, OW in good condition.
{price = $55.00 plus shipping}     lf     Pic     Pic   

Here is a quick peek from my shop   (Hit BACK button when finished)

Moulding Planes

23B-42 - Hollow #4, by DS & GS Geer,
Syracuse, NY [****] in Good+ condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping}  lf     Pic     Pic     Pic

23B-45 - Hollow #10, by DS & GS Geer,
Syracuse, NY [****] in Good+ condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping}   lf     Pic   Pic   Pic

44A-19 - Center Bead 3/8 by Owasco Tool Co., in Good++ condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping}  lf    Pic     Pic

44A-27 -  Pair, H&R #16, by Reed, Utica, in Good+ condition.
{price = $30.00 plus shipping}   lf     Pic      Pic

44A-28 -  Pair, H&R #2, by C. Carter (***) Syracuse, NY,
in Good+ condition.
{price = $40.00 plus shipping}   lf    Pic     Pic

44A-50 -   Side Bead 5/8, by Stothert, Bath, in Good+ condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping}  lf     Pic     Pic

44A-51 -  Round #8, by Stothert, Bath, in  Good+ condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping}    lf     Pic     Pic

44A-52 - Side Bead 4/8, by Stothert, Bath, in Good+ condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping}   lf      Pic     Pic

44A-53 -  Side Bead 1/4, by J. Gibson, in Good+ condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping}   lf     Pic     Pic

44A-56 - Match #6 (groove), by Auburn Tool Co.
in Good+ condition.
{price = $20.00 plus shipping}   lf     Pic      Pic

44A-64 - Plane, Round #2, by A. Howard
in Good+ condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping}   lf    Pic     Pic

44A-69 -  Round 7/8 (#14), by Denison, in Good+ condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping}   lf      Pic

44A-71 - Hollow #12, by Reed, Utica, in Good+ condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping}   lf     Pic    



Early Moulding Planes - just a few 


23B-40 - Round #14, by C. Carter (1856-59),
Syracuse NY [***] in Good+ condition.
Carter is the son of Richard Carter of Troy, NY.
{price = $30.00 plus shipping}  lf    Pic     Pic     Pic

23B-46 - Round #14 by J. A. McCellus (1837),
Coopersown, NY [***] in Good+ condition,
noting a sheared wedge knob (see pic).
{price = $30.00 plus shipping}  lf     Pic      Pic      Pic

23B-47 - Scotia, by P. B. Rider (c. 1840),
Bangor, ME [**] in Good+ condition.
{price = $25.00 plus shipping}  lf     Pic      Pic      Pic




Walt,I just wanted to say thanks again. I have added the moving filletster, 1/2" dado and a match pair tongue & groove
to my tool chest. Everything was exactly as described. . . and shipping was timely. Great prices and even better service! 
    . . . And yes, they have all been put to use! T.A.  (2013)

Complex Moulding Planes



Hi Walt, I received the molding planes the other day in the mail and they are fantastic!
They are in great condition and are the perfect tools for the project I'm working on.
Your shop is really the first place anyone should look for great quality, usable antique tools. 
Sincerely, C.J.  (2013

 Sash Planes 

None at present


Bench  Planes

7W1217 - Fore 22", by Scovill, Johnstown, NY (C mark),
in Good condition (tote split, small chip on toe of sole) ca. 1830.
{price = $35.00 plus shipping} Z    Pic       Pic

7W1114 - Jointer 28", by L. Scovil. Johnstown, NY (A mark),
in Good condition, also has a small chip at the toe
{price = $45.00 plus shipping} Z      Pic       Pic

7W433 - Jointer 26" by M. Crannell, Albany, NY
in Good+ condition.
{price = $20.00 plus shipping}   lf       Pic

7W443 - Fore 24" by L  Scovil,, Johnstown, NY
in Good condition.
{price = $20.00 plus shipping}   lf       Pic



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