2. Office and Workshop

The place where some of the work gets done some of the time

It's not too fancy, at least not yet, but it is growing.

So far, we have a showcase, a workbench, a computer, a phone, and some tools.

Now all we have to do is to get organized. A closer view of the workbench area. The bench itself (lost beneath the clutter) is about 150 years old. It belonged to Bud Brown, an area carpenter whose grandson, now deceased, sold it to me with Mr. Brown's carpenter's chest (just out of sight on the right). The bench is 104 inches long, is made with two long boards (still straight as the day they were made), and has the original vise which is only slightly damaged. Restoration of the bench has begun with the turning over of the boards to reveal a very smooth side of each. Now to fill a few holes, reattach the vise, and repair some trim.

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