Gomph, Osborne, and other Leather Tools

All tools are in good condition unless I tell you otherwise. The price of each tool is included in the description.
I hope you will find something you can use here, especially if you are in the business of working with leather.
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C. S. Osborne, Newark, NJ - These are the early Osbornes of good quality


                                                                                                                                                                    ALL SOLD

The tools shown above were found in an old barn in upstate New York.
They had been residing there for many years, some in their original tool chest,
but many just scattered about. Fortunately, most had little or no rust,
except one Round Knife. They were all pretty grungy and have been cleaned

and restored to very good working condition.
The points on the wheels are still nearly as sharp as when new
and the cutting edges appear sharp as well. A lucky find.




I sold these on Facebook this month


51A-01 - Overstitch Wheel #8, cleaned and sharp.
{price = SOLD plus shipping}  Z       Pic

51A-02 - Overstitch Wheel #9, cleaned and sharp.
{price = SOLD plus shipping}  Z       Pic

51A-03 - Overstitch Wheel #10, cleaned and sharp.
{price = SOLD plus shipping}  Z      Pic

51A-08 - Edge Shave #3, cleaned.
{price = SOLD plus shipping}  Z      Left Pic




Henry G. Gomph & Co., Albany, NY  - Also found with above Tool Chest        




Other Leather Tools - sure, same chest (see above)










A working saddle-maker's bench.  (Not for sale)

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