Old Hammers, Cobbler, Tack, others

I will list here some tools I have for sale. Whenever possible, I'll link a photo or scan.
I can always send you a pic of one of the tools I have not posted a pic for.
Some of these tools are located at my retail shop listed at the bottom of this page,
so it might take a few days before I can go get them.

If you have questions, you can e-mail me at toolman@gatctools.com.

Note: Shipping will depend on size and weight. 

USPS Flat Rate boxes work well for smaller items, especially multiple small items.  
I will send you an estimate of the total cost to the best of my ability.

If you wish to pay by check or money order,
send it payable to:
Walt Lane, 3 Pewter Lane, Johnstown, NY 12095


Last updated: January 27, 2021



( My neighbor  sometimes has several if that helps)

(I always look for them. Must be in good+ condition.)

Here is a quick peek from my shop
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Cobbler's  Hammers

(See the Leather page)

Tack  Hammers

55HH44 - Hammer, Strap Tack, #2, by Henry Boker, in Good+ condition,
noting broken end of toe prong (see pic 2)
{price = $20.00 plus shipping} lf       Pic       Pic

55HH04 - Tack Hammer, #306, by Stanley, in Good+ condition.
{price = $12.00 plus shipping}  lf        Pic

Other  Hammers

19K-25 - Claw Hammer, 7 oz. light-duty, by Stanley,
in Good+ condition.
{price = $8.00 plus shipping} lf        Pic

19K-26 - Claw Hammer, by Stanley Handyman,
in Good+ condition.
{price = $8.00 plus shipping} lf        Pic

7W132 - Claw Hammer, Strap handled, 10" length, unmarked,
in Good++ condition with nice decoration.  No damage.
{price = $45.00 plus shipping}  z     Pic

12DH-5 - Claw Hammer, by Mohawk, in Good+ condition.
{price = $28.00 plus shipping}  lf      Pic

7W374 - Claw Hammer, in Good+ condition.
{price = $28.00 plus shipping}  lf      Pic


NOTE: I will try to get more description on these hammers when our shop reopens after virus crisis here in New York.


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We always have a fairly extensive inventory of good, useable woodworking tools to suit the needs
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. We'll do our best to help you find that tool.


Three tool dealers at this location.

That just about does it for now.

Please send me an e-mail with any selections you would like to purchase.
I haven't gotten fancy with order forms here.
My address again is: toolman@gatctools.com




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