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I will list here some edge tools I have for sale. Whenever possible, I'll link a photo.
I can always send you a pic of one of the tools I have not posted a pic for.
Some of these tools are located at my retail shop (lf after price),
so it might take a few days before I can go get them.

If you have questions, you can e-mail me at toolman@gatctools.com.
I am always open to counter-offers. 

Note: Shipping will depend on size and weight.  USPS Flat Rate boxes work well for smaller items. 
  I will send you an invoice of the total cost.

If you wish to pay by check or money order,
send it payable to:
Walt Lane, 3 Pewter Lane, Johnstown, NY 12095

If you are looking for a great place to get your chisels sharpened, check out this web site:

Ron Herman is a real master with chisels.

Last updated:  August 29, 2021


They have been used well by former owners,
and each has a full life yet to give to you at your bench.
Final honing is up to you


7W992 - Two Everlasting Butt chisels, in Good+ condition.
The two on left are 7 3/4" x 1/4", with good steel and handles.
Center tool only is for sale.
{price = $30
.00 each plus shipping} lf       Pic


7W994 - Three Everlasting Cabinet chisels, all in Good condition.
The one on left is sold.
The two on right are 11" x1 1/4" and 10" x 1 1/4" wide,
(Slight split starting in handle (see pic)
Good steel and handles.
{price = $45.00 each plus shipping} lf      Pic          right chisel  Pic

7W995 - One Everlasting Cabinet Chisel, 12" x 1 1/2" wide,
with good steel but damaged handle (see 2nd pic).
Seems a shame to waste all that good steel.
{price = $25.00 plus shipping} lf       Pic       Pic


Got em today. They look great. Thank you! I'll definitely be ordering from you again. Cheers,Matt R.

Mortise Chisels


Here is a quick peek from my shop (Hit BACK button when finished)





Hi Walt! I received my chisel and gouge earlier this week and they are beautiful. The Witherby chisel was just as great as you said it would be and it takes a razor sharp edge. They've already been to work and have paid for themselves. Thank you so much for the service you provide!  CF  June 2016


7W201 - Drawknife, 4", by Charles Buck, in Good++ condition.
{price = $55.00 plus shipping} z Pic                                                                              26BD-4 - Drawknife, 4", unmarked by maker, in Good condition
with minor pitting on both sides.
{price = $25.00 plus shipping) lf Pic Pic 7W595 - Folding Drawknife, 8", by Wilkinson in Good+ condition
with very minor pitting inbackright side of blade.
{price = $45.00 plus shipping} lf Pic

7W678 - Drawknife, 16" curved blade, by T.H. Witherby, in Good+ condition
with no visible apologies other than old age.
{price = $45.00 plus shipping} lf Pic

Hatchets & Axes




11GS-17 - Hatchet, unmarked by maker, in Good+ condition, Good handle.
{Price = $23.00 plus shipping} lf         Pic

7W133 - Hatchet, small (either a sample or a child's), unmarked,
in Good + condition with original handle. (9 1/2" length)
{price =$48.00 plus shipping}  z     Pic







Other Tools

9W604 - Slick, T-Handled, in Good+ condition, Good handle.
{price = $60.00 plus shipping} lf         Pic

9W551 - Chisel Grinder, No. 200, by Stanley R&L, in Good++ condition.
{price = $50.00 plus shipping}  lf       Pic




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