Gomph, Osborne, and other Leather Tools

All tools are in good condition unless I tell you otherwise. The price of each tool is included in the description.
I hope you will find something you can use here, especially if you are in the business of working with leather.
If you have any questions about these tools, please e-mail me at

Note: Shipping will depend on size and weight.  USPS Flat Rate boxes work well for smaller items, especially multiple small items.    I will send you an estimate of the total cost to the best of my ability.

                  If you wish to pay by check or money order,
send it payable to:
                    Walt Lane, 3 Pewter Lane, Johnstown, NY 12095

         Last updatedJune 1, 2017

Osborne tools
- These are the early Osbornes of good quality
25LC - Draw Gauge, #51 1/2, hollow handle steel, by Osborne,  in Good+ condition.
{price = $48.00 plus shipping} z      Pic

Gomph tools       (Always looking for additional supplies.)


Other Leather Tools -

10ND - Flesher Knife, by Union, in nearly new condition.
{price =$100.00 plus shipping} z     Pic

73MX-2 - Edge Plane, by Hyde, in Good condition.  Full cutter.
{price = $18.00 plus shipping} lf       Pic

11VM - #4 Punch, No mark, in Good condition.
{price = $10.00 plus shipping} z        Pic

 83CG - Gasket Cutter, by Otis A. Smith, Rockfall, Conn., Patd Oct. 26, 1866, in Good+ condition.
{price = $15.00 plus shipping} lf       Pic

26LA - Bridal Knife, marked Hachinette, 4" diameter, in Good+ condition.
{price = $26.00 plus shipping} z      Pic

26LB - Bridal Knife, marked Hachinette, 5" diameter, stainless, in Good condition
with some minor pitting on blade.
{price = $26.00 plus shipping} z      Pic

55HSS12 - Edge Plane, by Snell-Atherton, in Good+ condition. (short blade)
{price = $15.00 plus shipping} z       Pic

55HSS13 - Edge Plane, by J.P. Hyde, in Good+ condition. (Full blade)
{price = $20.00 plus shipping} z       Pic




A working saddle-maker's bench.  (Not for sale)


That just about does it for now. Please send me an e-mail with any selections you would like to have.
I haven't gotten fancy with order forms here.
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